My name is Julia Marlene McCracken

I was born on July 27th, 1991 in Sudbury Ontario to my parents Ian and Linda. I am the fifth child born into my family, the other being my older brothers, Michael and Marshall. My sisters are Deirdra and Katrina.

I come from a rather large family. My parents each have 3 siblings and between them I have 5 cousins, Nathaniel, Sylvie, Sabrina, Suzy and Jasmine.  With a total of their children, that makes 7 more cousins.

Both sets of my grandparents are deceased, but I remember them as being warm, smart, honest, funny and very kind people. I will miss them always.

My eldest brother, Mike, has been  married to Jennifer Poulin for 5 years and together they have my adorable nephew, Calvin and my beautiful niece, Brooke-Lynn. I dote on them as only an aunt can!! They use to own an overactive Jack Russell terrier named Lucky who we all loved, but with 2 kids they couldn’t handle the little guy and literally sent him to a farm.

I have lived in Sudbury my entire life but love travelling. I’ve been to Europe, my last year of High School, and we travelled to Switzerland, Italy and France. France was my dream place to visit. I have also been to Florida, just last year with my family and hope to travel some more. Especially back to Europe and Australia. As I hate shots and probably wouldn’t like the humidity of Africa, Asia or South America, I never want to travel to those countries.

My school life has been pretty average, going to Catholic french schools my whole life, but I did like learning the language, which has helped me in life.

My favourite pastimes have always been reading, writing, jogging, walking, gardening, swimming and watching old movies. I work at Chapters, perfect place for me and work in the Toy department, i also LOVE kids and want at least 2 someday, especially a little girl!

According to my family, I was a gifted reader by age 3, I couldn’t get enough of books so I just kept reading. It has been a love of mine ever since. I have no favourites of anything, not books, movies, songs, food, drink, tv show or sport. I just like doing them so why have a favourite.

The only things that I have a fav of is my color, purple, it has to be purple!!!!! Everything is purple to me and my friends and famile know it, so they always know what color object to get me. Also my fav stuffed toy is a Piglet I got when I was 3, nobody touches “The Pig”

I love Disney, loving happy endings, I’m a sucker and hate absolute sad endings. Same goes for books and series.

I’m also an enthusiast in psychology and love learning about people’s problems and how their minds work.

I’m complex, what can I say, I’m scared of spiders, absolutely hate monkeys and have fears of rejection, which is why I’m so shy. But its the shy ones you’ve gotta watch out for!!

I like trying new things and want to learn to skydive, ride a horse, take pottery lessons, do a proper cartwheel, learn self-defense, learn a foreign dance, get a tatoo, visit an old Hollywood set, etc. So much to do before I settle down and do… well that’s undecided, yet.

This is me, the real me and I like myself, may sound corny, but its how I live!!!


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