School Safety Matters

by Julia McCracken
Shield Staff

Posted at 10/29/2010 12:36 PM

Cambrian College’s annual safety booths are back to warn students of the dangers of the workplace and school.

It may sound ridiculous that stairs are a safety risk, but Carol Fletcher, assistant safety officer for the College disagrees.

“You shouldn’t be texting on the stairs, or reading,” said Fletcher. “It’s far less likely to hurt yourself on stairs if you take precautions.”

Fletcher said she is impressed with students’ interest in safety issues.

“I do this every year, that’s four in a year,” said Fletcher. “I talk to about 100 students about young worker awareness; the message has gotten out a lot.”

 Fletcher also conducts accident investigations, and asks students to come forward with any concerns.

 “All students have a responsibility to report any hazards they might see in the school,” said Fletcher.


by Julia McCracken
Shield Staff

Posted at 11/16/2010 12:00 PM

Cambrian students are sweating to a whole new kind of workout being offered on campus.

For the past month, Cambrian College has been offering Zumba. The sessions are free and more fun than your average workout.

Zumba is a Latin-inspired, dance-fitness created by Beto Perez. He first discovered it in his native Cali,Colombia in the mid-90s. Over the next decade, Zumba has become one of the most common workout sessions in gyms.

Kari-Anne Piche, a first-year student in the Early Childhood Education program, teaches the sessions and says it is a great hit amongst students.

“I love it so much,” said Piche. “It’s an exercise in disguise.”

Piche also teaches Zumba at the YMCA, where she has been volunteering for several years.

The classes are at the gym every Tuesday and Thursday, from 12:30 to 1:30.

 One Drink, You’re Out

by Julia McCracken
Shield Staff

Posted at 10/20/2010 12:12 PM

Many Cambrian students will not be able to drive home after one of drink because of a new law in Ontario.

People under the age of 21 can be penalized for driving with even a trace of alcohol in their systems. The law, passed on Aug. 1 by Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne is supposed to keep the young adults from having accidents.

Between 2008 and this year, 235 have been killed under the influence in Canada. Statistics show a rate is a 1.5 per cent higher of people aged 19 to 21 who have been in drinking and driving accidents.

Under the new law, if a driver’s system has any alcohol in it, that person will be stopped with a warning, and will receive a 24-hour roadside suspension, a $500 fine and a 30-day license suspension. The second offense would be a 90-day suspension. The final offense is license cancellation.

Some students here at Cambrian believe that age shouldn’t matter.

 “They think were immature, but a 22-year-old can be just as immature,” Jenna Wheland a first-year Pre-Health Sciences student.

“Nobody, depending on their age should have alcohol in their system,” Ashton Labonte, a first-year Chemical Engineering Technology student said.

Labonte mentioned the incident last June, when Nicholas Piovesan, then 26, killed three teenagers while driving intoxicated.

“It’s fair, but it should be for everybody,” Lindsay Kmit, another first-year student Pre-Health Sciences said.

So far the law has not been challenged.



The day the music died

by Julia McCracken
Shield Staff

Posted at 11/3/2010 1:53 PM

Lime Wire, the website that gave many people free music, is gone.

On Oct. 26, Lime Wire was officially shut down due to an injunction from the United States district court of New York.

In the past 10 years, Lime Wire’s owners, Lime Group, were in an ongoing battle against the Recording Industry Association of America.

RIAA has now won the lawsuit and it is now an illegal site.

Students interviewed here at Cambrian weren’t as disappointed as one might think. Some claim not to have used the site for over a year, due to connection problems.

“I haven’t used it in a long time,” said Vincent Marsolais, a student in the Physical Fitness and Leisure Management program.

In Jan. 2011, the case will be re-opened and damages will be assessed for the companies. The total of the damages may be as high as $1 billion.

“I don’t mind at all that’s its being shut down. In fact, this is the first I hear of it,” said Robby McCarthy, a second-year student in the General Arts and Science program.

But he added that it was a useful site.

“It was good because people don’t like a lot of songs on a CD.  If you like only two songs, then you’re going to download them for a few dollars as opposed to a $20 CD with 11 songs.”

Other students also expressed mixed feelings.

“I do care about that’s it’s being shut down,” said Adam Burbidge, a first-year student in the Police Foundations program. “But at the same time it’s a good thing, it’s gotten to the point where people are making viruses look like songs and screwing people’s computers up just cause they want the song.”

Legal sites such as iTunes, are still available for people to download music.


Awards banquet scrapped because of possible strike

by Julia McCracken
Shield Staff

In view of the possible faulty strike, the College has decided to not have the Cambrian Foundation awards ceremony this year.

The ceremony celebrates the academic success of the Cambrian students.

More than 400 scholarships, awards and bursaries are handed out during the celebration banquet.

Last year, the total amount of all the awards was $350,000.

Associate Vice-President of College Advancement Shawn Poland released a statement saying the ceremony scheduled for later this month has been cancelled.

Poland says the decision was made to ensure that even if there’s a strike, the students would still receive the scholarships, bursaries and awards. He said the winners will be notified shortly.

The celebration of student achievement is to be re-instituted next year. 



Cambrian reacts to Haiti crisis

by Julia McCracken
Shield Staff

While Haiti crumbles to pieces after a terrifying earthquake earlier this week, some students show little knowledge about the events that have captivated others around the world.

Nobody from Haiti has ever come to attend school at Cambrian, according to Lorraine O’Brien, head of Cambrian International.

In fact, when asked, several Cambrian students did not even know where Haiti is located, or what is happening there right now.

While certain students were ignorant, several others had real reactions to the tragedy.

“It’s horrible!” Megan Sauve, a Cambrian student, said.

While bodies are still being recovered in the rubble, Yvonne Martin, a nurse from Ontario, a couple from Montreal and an Ottawa Mountie are the only Canadians to have been found dead.

“It’s devastating, especially for the Canadian nurse who lost her life,” O’Brien said.

Some students shared their concerns for the citizens of Haiti and their future.

“From all the deaths that were in the Haiti earthquake, I feel for all those deaths,” Kaitlin Davey, a first-year Cambrian student said. “I feel for those people, I hope they find their loved ones.”

Student awards to be handed out this week

by Julia McCracken
Shield Staff

The Cambrian Foundation awards ceremony has been cancelled and the school is looking to find alternate ways to give students their awards.

The College has decided to cancel the awards ceremony this year, in light of the potential strike.

This is not the first time that the awards ceremony has been cancelled. The banquet was cancelled four years ago, when faculty were on strike.

That year, the ceremony organizers decided to push the banquet to February from March, so the students would receive their money earlier.

“Our goal is to give the money to the students who need it now,” Associate Vice-President of College Advancement Shawn Poland said. “We are here to support our student’s education and this is a very difficult decision to make.”

The students will be advised by email if they have won anything sometime this week. They will be asked to stop by the Cambrian Foundation to pickup their awards.

The awards honour the academic accomplishments of students. More than 400 scholarships, awards and bursaries are handed out throughout the night.

“New awards are presented on a regular basis, they are always increasing,” the foundation’s Development Manager Brian Soucie said.

With an increase of 30 per cent in applications this year, the total number of students who applied this year is 700.

Canceling the ceremony was difficult for all who organize the evening.

Awards officer Christine Cowtan said that it takes one month to prepare the whole ceremony.

“Calling donors, students, ordering food, renting equipment, takes lots of preparation and that’s why it’s done ahead of time,” Cowtan said.

“Our team worked very hard to make it happen, but we had to focus on what was going to be the best case scenario for the students in the ongoing uncertainty of the strike,” Poland said. 

Influx of Indian students at Cambrian

by Julia McCracken
Shield Staff

Cambrian College has welcomed new students from India, who just met the deadline for registration.

On Monday, 30 students arrived from India, just in time to register for the winter semester. They were delayed because they had to wait for their visas in India.

Tuesday was the last day students could register. The students from India were lucky to have made it to Sudbury on time. None of them have ever been to Canada before this year.

In the last few days the students have managed to settle into Sudbury.

“The students have found apartments downtown,” Lorraine O’Brien, support and orientation officer of Cambrian International said. “The students did not want to live on residence. They found it was too expensive and wanted to have more people in their rooms.”

With the arrival of these 30 students, the total of international students from India at Cambrian is 52.

Cambrian has a total of 97 international students this semester. This includes students from China, Bermuda, Poland, Egypt, Brazil, Kenya, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Chile. India has the largest amount of international students at the College. 


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